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Tea Tasting Passport

You can fully enjoy the UENDURE® Tea Wall Experience in its entirety with the use of a Tea Tasting Passport. Passports come in four types: Individual, Group, Party and an exclusive Member passport, which requires tea club membership. Passport holders can sample up to 10 different teas for onsite consumption, either by the cup or by the pot. In addition to a variety of free condiments such as milk, lemon, mints, sugar, honey, and so on, tea brewing accessories are also provided. Free ice and mixing utensils are available for people who desire cooled beverages. Please carefully read the following Frequently Asked Questions before making your passport purchase.

You can purchase passports before or after your arrival on our website.

Yes. You can buy loose-leaf tea to make a pot or a single cup of tea to be consumed on-site. Click this link to make a purchase. 

No. Loose-leaf tea cannot be removed from the premises and consumed elsewhere. This action is seen as property theft and a breach of your booking and/or Tea Tasting Passport terms and conditions, for which you will be charged an extra restocking fee. The charge is set on a case-by-case basis and is limited to $2000.00, which represents the market worth of all completely packed tea jars. We appreciate your business, but we kindly ask that you respect the fact that the loose-leaf teas on display are solely for on-site consumption and sampling. If, following your visit, you decide that a particular variety of tea is what you would want to take home, you are more than welcome to order some on our website before you leave, and we will ship the tea to your home address or (depending on stock levels) package it for you before you leave. Discount vouchers for website purchases made prior to checkout are available.

No. Passports are nonrefundable. Please do not purchase a passport for anyone with plans on sampling fewer than 4 different teas during their stay or visit. 

Yes. It is necessary for visitors of guests to purchase an Indvidual Passport to drink tea, alternatively, they can purchase tea by the cup or pot

Yes. All booked guest and visitors who consume loose-leaf tea from the tea lounge are required passports, this includes children of any age. Children will count towards the number of people in your Group Passport or Party Passport