Polaroid Camera Rental


  • Life slows down during teatime, and there is no better way to record those slower moments than with a polaroid camera.
  • Camera locked in dining room glass box with batteries, film, and charger.
  • Only remove the film package you purchased.
  • Key location emailed after payment.
  • Rental charge is for your entire stay.
  • Camera may be used offsite.
  • Choose with or without film option, as follows:
  • No film = FREE just the camera.
  • 10 regular film = 10 sheets standard color Fuji polaroid film.
  • 10 monochrome = 10 sheets of monochrome (black and white) Fuji polaroid film.
  • 20 film bundle = 10 regular + 10 monochrome.
  • No deposit required; however, if lost, broken, or damaged, you will need to replace.