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Lawn Patio

An enchanting backyard retreat like no other, the Lawn Patio at The Cochran Oriental is the ultimate outdoor guest experience where celebratory cheers and the din from a fire pit’s crackle collide into a symphony of pleasure felt relaxation to create a splendid evening camp-out for family and friends.

2000 sqft Lawn with Black Rock Pathway

Large Fire Pit

*Firewood for Fire Pit and Cooking

**Four (4) Adirondack Chairs

Eight (8) Person Picnic Table 

Smoke BBQ Pit

Two (2) Grill Stations 

***Neon Sign

Outdoor String Lights 

Outdoor Sink

*Firewood Purchased Separately  

**Two (2) Additional Adirondack Chairs Available

*** Chinese Translation: “Pathway for Gathering Friends”