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Frequently Asked Questions

A “Tea Lounge Vacation Home” is a short-term rental home with a tea theme where guests can get lost in tea culture while getting a good night’s sleep.

Yes. The UENDURE® Tea Wall Experience is an optional pay as you go or almost unlimited experience where you can buy tea by the cup, pot or buy purchasing a Tea Tasting Passport which allows you to sample up to 10 teas.

No. Currently, we are not open to the public. You must book a nightly stay to utilize our facilities or rent at an hourly rate.

The home comfortably sleeps 5 people; however 7 can be accommodated with the use of the two futons beds and let-out couch. 

Yes. Our #1 goal is to provide a clean, comfortable and enjoyable experience for our guests. Non-tea drinkers can still enjoy all our indoor and outdoor facilities. Additionally, we have a very modest coffee bar and food and drinks you can enjoy. 

Yes. Small gatherings are welcomed; however, we have a zero-tolerance policy for wild parties. If you are interested in booking the home for an event, please contact us two-weeks in advance. 

Free street parking is available on McNeil St., Gano St., and Halpern St. You can download a map here.